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Structural Engineering

Superb Engineer provides a comprehensive set of structural engineering services to support the design, construction, and improvement of building structures, working with the architects, developers, owners, and builders to deliver structures. As engineering leader throughout each project phase, we guide the structural development process toward the most appropriate solutions.

We provide the following structural engineering service:

• Commercial Building
• Residential Building
• Tenant Improvement
• Seismic Retrofit
• Industrial Building
• Manufacture Building
• Telecommunication Tower
• Underground Utilities Structural Support
• Warehouse Racking
• Mechanical Equipment Support


Civil Engineering

Superb Engineer is a highly collaborative team providing a wide range of client focused comprehensive civil engineering services for all types of infrastructure projects. Our project experience includes land and site development, public and private utility systems, drainage systems, and streetscape improvements. We provide quality based solutions for coordination of private and public projects in densely populated activity centers, protecting critical infrastructure from rising flood waters, sequencing the work to optimize costs with the construction schedule, and providing aesthetic, cost-effective, and functional designs.


Construction Administration

Superb Engineer fills the gap between design and construction with a team of specialty consultants who provide a range of services needed to safely and economically build these structures. Each team member brings individual experience with structural design as well as construction sensibility. We bring a holistic approach to our work that considers the desired aesthetic of the finished product while seeking construction speed, simplicity, and economy. We use digital tools to accelerate our work and produce highly reliable deliverables.


Mechanical Engineering

We provide the following mechanical engineering services:

• Heating, ventilating, and air distribution systems for all conditioned spaces
​• Heating and cooling load energy calculations
• Exhaust fan airflow where exhaust is required by current building code
• Carbon monoxide detection systems
​• Systems for mechanical control and life safety interface
​• Sizing of mechanical rooms and exhaust/supply air shaft when required


Electrical Engineering

We provide the following electrical engineering services:

​• Fire protection system design
• Power distribution and panel schedules, including lighting and audio/visual power connections as designed by others
​• Lighting distribution and fixture schedules for both interior and exterior
• Photometric diagrams for landscape and lighting designs
• Emergency power and lighting systems
​• Load calculations and single line diagrams for all related parts of the project
​• Power and wiring diagram for mechanical equipment
• Telephone/data/cable TV/ security system conduit boxes
• Sizing of electrical service, switchboards and panel boards


Plumbing Engineering

We provide the following plumbing engineering services:

• Sanitary waste, vent, storm, gas, and domestic water piping systems
​• Points of connection and size calculations for water and sewer mains
• Points of connection and size calculations for storm and roof drainage systems
• Isometric diagrams
​• Coordinate with public utilities in order to facilitate the design and construction of the work


Land Surveying

We provide the following land surveying service:

• Topographic Survey
• Boundary Surveys
• Mapping
• Telecommunication Surveys
• Environmental Surveys
• LiDAR Mapping/High Definition Survey


Municipal Consulting

Superb Engineer provides hands-on superior municipal consulting services. Superb Engineer specializes in Plan Review, Inspection, Permit Issuance, Building Department Administration, Code Enforcement services and Recruitment solutions for municipal building and safety, planning and public works offices.


Green LEED Consulting

Superb Engineer team is made up of LEED professionals who work to bring LEED and green building to you. We believe that every person deserve a better, more sustainable life. Our LEED Green Building Consulting will contribute more add-on values to your projects.


Construction Management

Superb Engineer has in-house professionals with California general building contractor license with capability to provide construction management professional service in California. We utilize project management software to oversee the planing, design, construction and closeout of a project from beginning to the end of completion. We are able to work on all project delivery systems, including design-bid-build, design-build, construction management at-risk and Public Private Partnerships. 


Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)

• Basement ADU
• Backyard Cottage ADU
• Garage Convert ADU
• Attach ADU


Site Planning

• Prepare site plans
• Cost estimates
• Land zoning
• Arrangement of buildings, roadways, utilities, landscape, topography
• Flow of traffic
• Lights or stop signs